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Brief: RSVP, now in its 28th year, runs call centres with a difference. The call centres are the only ones in the UK staffed across the board by actors, recruited from London’s vibrant West End & Manchester’s busy theatre & media scene. RSVP requested crisis communications support, and also to raise awareness of RSVP London in national, business and call centre trade media, in order to attract new clients. Coverage was also required in local and creative media, in order to recruit new staff. 7PR was also asked to launch RSVP Manchester.

Method: 7PR targeted the business and call centre trade press, positioning Directors from RSVP as industry authorities, providing commentary on current issues etc. We promoted the fact that as actors the agents are able to easily engage and build a unique rapport with callers from all walks of life. 7PR also invited journalists into the RSVP office for 1:1 briefings with a Director and a tour of the call centres. A similar approach was taken with the Manchester branch, and upon launch we focused on how the new centre was based looking over the water in vibrant Media City and how RSVP was expanding its local and nationwide offerings by bringing business up to the Northern Powerhouse.

Result: 7PR has secured coverage in every trade publication, the creative press and in national and regional press around London and Manchester. One journalist who visited commented “With RSVP’s impressive and much envied client list, combined with their unique approach to processing calls, I am confident they will remain one of, if not the best, contact centre which I have visited in all of my years reporting on the industry”.


Dean Hurst, Director, RSVP: “An extremely creative and thorough PR service… the wide-ranging coverage has been exceptional and beyond what we thought possible. The interest generated has been invaluable to our company”

Louise Roberts, Head of Resources, RSVP: “7PR have offered an invaluable service to us here at RSVP. Their counsel and dedication to their work is second to none. In addition to having a well-rounded view of what a PR partner should offer they also clearly understand the voice of our business and how we want to be seen. The personal touch allows us to really get the best out of the relationship and it is great to work with a company who are genuinely excited about what we do. Whenever we need them, they are there and you cannot ask for more than that! From drafting press releases, acting as a press liaison and connecting us with like-minded businesses, they really do it all!”


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