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Brief: To raise profile of luxury eco holiday resort in Brazil in run up to International launch.

Method: We suggested inviting some celebrities to visit the resort, and also to run a media trip. Agreement secured from celebrities to visit the eco holiday resort. Agreement also secured from celebrities that approved images of them at resort could be used in future marketing for Turtle Bay. We also introduced the resort to relevant writers. Those writing for top target publications, namely nationals and prominent travel magazines, were invited to visit resort on a media trip.

Results: 3 top grade celebrities agreed to visit the resort within first month of PR campaign. Journalists for nationals & top travel titles also agreed to visit resort.

Endorsement: Paul Branford, UK Business Development Manager, Integral Estates: “Graciously accommodated our every need and desire in the run up to our International launch and ensuing press trip…always enthusiastic about the account, constantly coming up with new means of securing publicity and interest from the sought after publications and journalists that we wanted to see featuring our developments”.

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