Honey Kalaria

Brief: Honey’s Marketing Manager introduced Honey to us wondering if she could be turned into a well- known figure in the media. She was also interested in raising awareness of her dance academy, attracting pupils age 3-18 to attend.

Method: We decided to position Honey as “The UK’s Bollywood Ambassador”. A photo shoot was organised to produce arresting images, 500 shots were taken in different outfits to ensure that we had exactly the right image to secure media coverage in high profile publications . We started to drip feed stories about Honey into the media to raise her profile then facilitated introductions to Sony Music, Andrew Lloyd Webber, film companies etc. We also contacted a wide variety of media on her behalf.

Results: The photo shoot with Andrew Lloyd Webber positioned Honey as a leading Bollywood figure. It gave us the possibility to introduce Honey to Momentum Films to start discussions which led to the making of ‘Bollywood Workout’, a Bollywood keep fit video that rose to number one in the charts. Interviews were secured in the media for Honey in top glossy magazines, nationals, on TV, radio and across hundreds of local and London titles. This led to the opportunity to promote Honey’s dance academies in different areas of London with pupils being consistently recruited. We also promoted Honey’s CD ‘Time 2 Dance’.

Endorsement: Honey Kalaria, Director Honey’s Dance Academy: “…A very valuable business partner for us. Worked with them on and off for seven years. Introduced us to the mainstream and we have never looked back… A full understanding of our business objectives and a solid relationship with the media, always securing media coverage on our behalf. This in turn opened up all sorts of opportunities”.

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