Finance Foundation

Brief: The Finance Foundation, a think tank established in Geneva in 1993 by Michel Gabrysiak, former french Prime Minister Raymond Barre and Sir David Walker, asked us to identify journalists from national papers across Europe to come to Venice to attend a conference at Excelsior Hotel promoting use of the Euro. Leaders of global banks, financial companies, & stock exchanges were brought together for the conference. We looked after all media at the event, ensuring all technology set up & up to speed enabling media to immediately file stories. Also ensured all media looked after during 5* evening dinner.

Method: Reached out to the correct financial correspondents from nationals and wires across Europe, with ensuing in depth one to one discussions, finally securing agreement from correspondents to travel to attend the conference.

Result: Client was very pleased with the calibre of correspondents attending and the high profile of resulting articles secured across national papers in Europe. The story was also carried on wires.

Endorsement: Marisa Barbour, Finance Foundation: “I worked with a variety of companies across Europe and the team were able to provide PR support on a couple of occasions. I’ve always been very impressed by the media coverage secured – both in the UK and on a pan European basis”.

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